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International Topmanagement Expertise in Pipe Producing companies

Expert for Corrosion Resistant Materials, Duplex Stainless Steels and Nickel Alloys

Dr. Iris Rommerskirchen

Iris finished her studies of chemistry at the university in Düsseldorf with a diploma thesis in the field of metallurgical electrochemistry at the Max – Planck – Institute for Iron Research followed by her work as research assistant of Professor Grabke about high temperature corrosion.

Her industrial career was started as project manager in research and development of Nickel alloys at VDM metals. Later she combined technical and commercial aspects as group leader of the department of application technology at VDM metals in Werdohl. Her entrepreneurial and management skills were further developed during 14 years in the top management of the BUTTING group. Between 2015 and middle of 2018 Iris was part of the management of the Schulz Group of Companies.

Since then she joined the Rommerskirchen GmbH focusing on management and consultancy in the stainless steel industry with a special focus on pipe producing companies. In June 2020 she joined the board of directors of the Rommerskirchen GmbH.

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