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More than 45 years experience in preventive fire protection

INRO became Rommerskirchen GmbH

1973 Josef Rommerskirchen launched INRO, the Engineering office for industrial plants and started designing and constructing preventive fire protection systems in steel and pipe mills. These activites have been continued and expanded in the Rommerskirchen GmbH since 2000 under the leadership of Dr. Markus Rommerskirchen. Apart from the design of fire protection concepts and the planning of preventive fire protection measurements there is an experienced installation team in the company executing all the relevant measurements as well as for the installation and maintenance of fire protection doors.

In addition to the preventive fire protection measurements the Rommerskirchen GmbH offers management and consulting services with respect to strategy development, development of organisations, products and markets with a special focus on properties, applications, welding and production of stainless steels and Nickel Alloys, market and product development of corrosion resistant, clad or lined pipes.

Since June 2020 Dr. Iris Rommerskirchen joined the board of directors focusing on management and consulting.

fire protection design

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